Miguel Bata, better known as Miguel Francisco was born on the 8th of April 1985 in Luanda, Angola. During the civil war a lot of diseases and epidemics made the life of his family harder than ever. But the worst was yet to come. At the age of 2 Miguel Francisco has been diagnosed with poliomyelitis, an incurable disease.

Threatened by civil war and the very bad medical conditions, his parents decided to flee in order for Miguel and his four siblings to have a better live in Europe. But the life as an immigrant family wasn’t easy at all Cause of unemployment and lack of language skills his father turned out to be unsatisfied and so he left the family and went back to Angola.

But instead of giving up, Miguel Francisco gained a lot of strength even though he was sick and lost his father. He started getting strong for his family and by now it was pretty clear that he ain’t an ordinary child. He began to play basketball singing and dancing. At the age of 14 he was already known in the streets for his popping, breakdance and acrobatic skills. Later he worked on his singing talent and learned how to play piano all by himself. And like his idols Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and James Brown he’s striving to be a legend.

2005 he graduated from the high school focused on economy and on the occasion of a benefit concert he joined a Gospel Choir. After a couple of years in the choir, producer Cane Riva became aware of him. Miguel Francisco became a member of the new label Crunkin Beats Productions (CBP).
Miguel and Cane just made it clear that their combination was promising. In one of their first months working together, over 400.000 people saw Miguel Francisco performing his first single in cooperation with Bl Diamond “lean with it”. The song peaked at No. 8 on the MTV Video charts. This song happened to be one of the 20 most played song on MTV of that year.

With his new single “Incomplete” Miguel wants to proof that he can do it on his own. Armed with his dancing, singing and acrobatic skills, he is now on his way to become an international music star. A first class entertainer…. a sympathetic guy….. and a professional artist Miguel Francisco

Miguel Francisco


Miguel Francisco - Incomplete"official video"
Miguel, BL Diamond & The Crunkin Crowd
Miguel, BL Diamond & The Crunkin Crowd