The label Crunkin Beasts Productions was founded by producer Cane Riva in Berlin 2006. Just after one year the label got its distributions deal with Sony music. Cane pushed his label just right after founding it with the single “LEAN WITH IT”. During the first weeks the single peaks at No.1 in the MTV Video Charts.

Through his label “CBP” he had not only fulfilled his dream off having an own music label, he had even released a couple of successful record releases in the genre of pop, R&B and Soul for several artist. Besides the production and the marketing, he is the heart and soul of the “Crunkin Crowd”. The Crunkin Crowd is a highly committed and well interacting team of musicians, dancers, designers and media professionals. With innovative ideas and a boundless passion for music, the “Crowd” seemed just to be the perfect addition to the work of Cane Riva. CBP is specialized on music production to internationals standards. Individual composing and complex arrangements, combined with our own flow, is that what we stand for. We own our success to the variety of our influences and the unique combinations of all kinds of musical styles. Modern new school sounds or classic orchestra, CRUNKIN BEATS stands for concise elements combined in perfect harmony. Originality and professionalism are core values to our company and we place great values on our quality of being real team players. This applies both the work with our artist as well as the work with our partners.